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Our templates has a built-in four panels from each side where you could place more modules which don't take the content area, but always visible and your users can just click and see them. Read more here...

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Starting from version 0.9.4 Antares(also free version Antares) we added the following options:

Full Height Header
Full Height header is the feature which allow you to do the minimal header height same as browser height. It looks good on homepages, you can place into the header some modules like featured articles, cards etc. Also it has a button to scroll header smoothly to a next section of the page.
All you need is to click "Yes" in the Extensions-Templates-your_template_style(orion_pro - Default or another)-Header-Header Full height.
Tip - Do not it on all pages(your default style) as scrolling down every page is rather boring, it's better to copy the style, set full height and assign it only to the homepage or landing page

Alternative Blog Layout
Forget about standard blog layout, now you can use the alternative blog layout with horizontal or vertical orientation. That will make the look of your pages nice and attractive.
Layout has lot of options and cards can be customizable(pro ver only) - you can change colors border shadows, length of text, animation e.t.c.

See the demos - Main Top menu - Articles - OK Blog-cards X